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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Searching for the Great Pumpkin

For some reason there were only two families able to go "pumpkin picking" from our home-school group. Nevertheless we had a great time at Patterson Farm and did every activity a large group would do. I was concerned about Elijah running amok during the tour, so inspired by his love for apples I let him pick out the biggest apple from the country store before we started. He carried the giant produce around the whole day, eliciting much attention from the employees. Only when he was able to choose a pumpkin of relatively the same size did he relinquish his fruit. The only downside to our almost private tour was not having enough weight ti keep the tractor ride from bouncing us all around. The kids played for hours in the play area, enjoying the corn bin, duck racing, playing on the pirate ship, and racing miniature John Deere tractors. Elijah was slightly traumatized when a goat nibbled him and when he got hopelessly lost in what was basically a square corn "maze" (see video).

The pumpkins made awesome pumpkin bread! We love Patterson Farms!

You can see more pictures from the day by clicking here.

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