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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweening it up

Friday night Jamie worked the A.L. Brown football game to make extra money and support our grocery habit. (Plus he just wanted to watch the game and likes wanding people.) The Town of Harrisburg canceled the Halloween party because of the threat of inclement weather, so my goddaughter, the kids, and I headed to a nearby nature center for Creepy Crawly night. We petted a snake, gingerly held millipedes (praying Elijah wouldn't crush one), and looked at all kinds of other insects and arachnids. Outside in the dark there was a Native American storyteller at a campfire. After the stories the kids were able to roast marshmallows on sticks. Caitlyn gave me hers, and it tasted very outdoorsy. We were both spitting it out, and I was contemplating just how dirty that stick could have been when she said, "I think I dropped my marshmallow on the ground." Mmmmm.... dirt smores.

Here are the kiddos dancing with the cool frog.

Saturday we hit up a Fall Festival at my friend Rebecca Ann's church. There were bounce houses, games, and easy candy to be had. At the end of the festival night people were literally shoving it into our buckets. For some reason Elijah was petrified of the little train ride, so I had to walk around in the middle of the track holding his hand. Meanwhile Jamie and Rebecca Ann ate funnel cake. Then Sunday we spent a tiny bit of time at the Concord air show until Caitlyn refused to obey and leave a bounce house, so we bounced on home!

Still determined to get my money's worth out of the overpriced Rapunzel costume, we met Jamie in downtown Concord on Halloween to trick or treat at the businesses there. The kids were super excited to see McGruff the crime dog and Eddie the Eagle from the NRA. That night we went trick or treating in the neighborhood with Caitlyn's friend who also happened to be Rapunzel. We even ran into Santa who apparently had a day off due to the economy and whatnot. Needless to say we have enough candy to fill several stockings hidden in the closet, and the best part is the kids still aren't old enough to know which candy is the good kind. MWAHAHAHAHA!

You can see more Halloween pictures by clicking here.

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