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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy Days

There's a perception from the outside world that stay at home moms have tons of time on their hands. I suppose if I wanted to take a nap in the middle of the day I could turn on Nick Jr. and give Elijah the candy jar, but that doesn't really happen. Now that Caitlyn is at the age where Saturday sports also take up a weeknight for practice things are really crazy! Thankfully Daddy handles soccer while I handle Elijah.

After today's game we hit the Town of Harrisburg Fall Festival. The lines were long, but the music was jumpin'. Caitlyn knocked the girl into the dunking booth on her first throw, and we think softball might be a better choice than soccer! She also tried to climb the rock wall. It was hardly worth the wait, so of course Jamie and I hyped up her two foot climb to make it more exciting. The best part was that the kids fell asleep on the way home!

Sunday's conversation with Elijah:
Me: Did you have fun at church?
Elijah: (blank stare)
Me: Did you learn about Jesus?
Elijah: (blank stare)
Me: Did you learn about the Bible?
Elijah: (blank stare) "Nack."
Me: Did you have a snack?
Elijah: (nods excitedly and starts dancing) CRACKA!!!!!

I am pretty sure he was referring to the type of snack and not my pale skin. I love these conversations!

You can see more October pics by clicking here (same link as last blog).

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