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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Media and My Walk With God

I have joked with my granddad about how his family could be so morally corrupt. After all, his parents grew tobacco (like everyone else in N.C. in that era), he sold televisions (tearing apart the moral fabric of our nation), and his son sold drugs (calm down people... he's a pharmacist). What will the next generation do, something with the evil internet???

Okay, even though I'm not an Al Gore fan I know that all media is morally neutral in and of itself. So the internet isn't evil, it's what we do with it. About a year ago I logged the time I spent on the computer and television and as a result became more conscious of the time I spent completely "vegged out" doing nothing. Then I compared what I was watching to Philippians 4:8 (Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things). Since then I have rarely been able to watch a comedy, and really I should cut out the dramas to which I'm already addicted. I've made a conscious effort not to add any new shows. Nevertheless I have of late spent time completely unplugging my brain and watching the Food Network or History Channel while the hours slip away and the tasks I need to do fail to magically complete themselves. And even though I don't have time to play computer games anymore I have been known to stare at the glare of the screen while mindlessly flipping through my email, Facebook, blogs, and Twitter.

Currently I am contemplating purchasing an iPhone or the like. Although I text like a champ I have yet to step into the smartphone world. On one hand internet access when I'm out would be nice, I could get online even when the hubs is home and on the computer, and as I don't have an iPod or a Kindle the phone could multitask for those missing gadgets. But would I turn into one of those people constantly staring at my phone and scrolling madly instead of engaging those around me? Would it distract me from divine appointments with strangers, take time away from my children, and put a wall between conversation with my husband? Or could it be a time saver helping me quickly connect to the information I need, a tool to connect with others, and an educational device for my children? Could having access to devotionals, the bible, and other Christians draw me closer to God or would the opportunity to look at nothing of value pull me further away?

The Bing search overload commercials are funny because they are so true. My high school students would type questions into Google and copy the first website that pops up verbatim with little or no thought. So do I want one more technology invading our live, or would a smart phone simplify the time I spend online? Would an iPhone distract me from God's will for my day or connect me to the original iAm? 

Convince me either way!

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  1. These are questions I ask myself as well. I intentionally do not have a fancy cell phone with internet because I know it would alter my life too much. The computer being at home is easier for me to control because I am a working mom. If I could take my technology with me, I think I would struggle with keeping my priorities in line. I may need it someday for a functional purpose, but right now it's not a have to, and I want to go as long as I can without.


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