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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zoo Trip

Nothing could be more enjoyable than hitting the zoo on the hottest day of the summer and trudging up and down hills pushing a stroller for the better part of 7.5 hours. Thankfully  the Asheboro Zoo is almost fully shaded. I was afraid Jamie would mock it since he grew up going to the much larger Cincinnati Zoo, but he really liked it! Coincidentally my aunt, cousin, and 3 second cousins hit the zoo on the same day. We ran into them at all the best places - the water mister, playground, and exit.

Caitlyn spent some time talking to a seal, and it reciprocated by doing a show for us.


Favorite animals were: Elijah - baboon, Caitlyn - chimpanzees, Carol Anne - seals, and Jamie - albino alligators.


For more pics click here. For a video of Caitlyn monkeying around click here.

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