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Thursday, May 23, 2013

All American May

What is an "All American family" anymore? But May was filled with many "All American" activities.

Field Trips - our first field trip was to Patterson's Farm. We go every strawberry season. For the low low price of $8 each (ahem) we watch a movie about strawberry farming, milk a pretend cow, feed some of the farm animals, plant a green bean to take home, take a tractor ride tour, and pick a pint of strawberries. Elijah picked way more than a pint as most of the berries he pulled went straight into his mouth. I always pick extra for some yummy seasonal treats. Speaking of seasonal treats, Elijah's plea for "hice cream" was answered while the kids got filthy on the playground. Let's just say sliding onto a mattress in the red dirt, playing in a giant sandbox, and blue ice cream meant we had quite the bath when we got home.

Cookouts - Since Dad and I work with the youth, the kids tag along to a lot of youth events. Caitlyn rode her bike around the church parking lot for at least an hour while Elijah helped Daddy set up some fun outdoor games for the end of year youth cookout. The highlight of the day was when I finally found our black cornhole bag in the dark by kicking it with my toe. I let out a whoop that would make an Apache warrior envious.

Chuck E Cheese - I can see why they sell alcohol at this place. It is nervewracking on a Saturday while those birthday parties are going on! (Don't worry, Mom. I just drank water.) My friend was unwilling to hop in the ticket blaster with her daughter, so of course I took over her spot. The goal was to grab the yellow and red tickets worth more money.  We were instructed not to grab from the floor, but the man said nothing about the door or ceiling. It's tough to grab anything but the big tickets from the air, so I plucked 1 golden and 2 red tickets that flew in front of my face. I swiped the smaller tickets stuck in the door and on the ceiling, so Caitlyn's BFF from church really racked up! Feel free to use my strategy in the future. Here are a few videos of the craziness.


Baseball - Our other May field trip was to the Kannapolis Intimidator's game. In the interest of journalistic integrity I must say that more focus was on playing with friends, snacks, the playground, and the amazing misting tent.

You can see more All American pics from May by clicking here.

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