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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Memories

You are what you eat.
We traveled to the mountains to visit my family for Memorial weekend. Helping my sister move, playing in the creek, and a bike ride with the big kids was the agenda. But of course any American holiday is an excuse to bring out the dangerous fireworks. My nephew and the hubs lit the fuses while the younger ones wrestled and watched in awe (or disappointment as the case may be). This one was the favorite of the night:

When we returned, I loaned my car to my friend. After a weekend filled with candy and devoid of rules, the kids were fighting like crazy with each other and me on Tuesday. I decided to take a cue from the teen wilderness rehab progams and make them walk as far as we could until my friend got off work. We made it a mile and a half. Get along or die, kids!! They were fighting over a tree root, but they tried to stop when I pulled out the camera for later evidence. The fake niceness did not last long. But they finally got along and received ice cream for a reward!

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