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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day we drove up to spend the night with my grandmother. My mom was there as well, so two birds, one stone - ya know? Two of my cousins and I planned an over the top way too much food luncheon in the tradition of our forebears. I'm pretty sure the rule is that you don't get Mother's Day "off" until you have grandchildren. Caitlyn had seen a commercial that indicated you should bring your mom breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, but I convinced her that bringing coffee down to my mom's bedside was the next best thing since I am usually the earliest riser.

Despite my disappointment when my mom spotted the original Pinterest idea I borrowed to make some cute footprint flowerpots, she loved her gift because her grandkids helped make it. Not so crafty am I. I intended to get some sort of generation Mother's Day shot and forgot until my Mother left, so maybe someone can photoshop these things into a fake memory I will one day believe is real...

More Mother's Day pics can be found by clicking here.

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