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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm Mistah Cool

The kids were so excited to go to Daddy's school to bring breakfast to his AP Calculus class. I baked three kinds of breakfast casseroles, loaded the food and the kids into the car, and left only a few minutes late.

However. (Isn't there always a however?) However, on the 20 minute drive, Elijah grabbed one of Caitlyn's books we had checked out for history. Today's Math lesson: Books + Moving Vehicles + Elijah = Trouble. Just as we crossed the bridge to Dad's school I hear, "I fink I gonna frow up." Yep. Right as I pull in the parking lot. So I called Jamie and had him send out a few trusted students to bring in the food. Since he is on the ground floor, he pulled Caitlyn through his window - the highlight of her day, especially when his students couldn't figure out how she beat them back in.

After cleaning Elijah up in the bathroom, I walked him through the halls with him clad in boxers and tennis shoes. Clearly this is not up to dress code, so the principal brought him a backup polo kept on hand for various wardrobe malfunctions. Eventually he switched it to Ancient Greek style, causing me to lead the Calculus students in a rousing chant of "To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!"

Upon returning home we noticed the pair of ducks that had been hanging around our neighborhood for a few days. We tired to coax them with crackers and chase them away from the street. No matter what, these guys always went back onto our busy road. The next day I saw a suspicious circle of feathers while driving to the library and chose not to mention it to the kiddos.

Speaking of the kiddos, does anyone know where Mr. Cool put my sunglasses? He seems to think they belong to him.

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