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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Bedtime Story

(Mom returns home from an emergency trip to the grocery store, a bag of coffee grounds in each hand, to hear both children crying downstairs and her husband pleading, "Help!" Upon reaching the son's bedroom she is motioned by husband to handle the daughter first.)

Mom: What's wrong? Did Daddy read you a story? (Child nods head.) Did you pray?
Caitlyn: I'll pray again.
(Mom snuggles up to daughter & ad libs prayer.)
Mom: Were you crying?
Caitlyn: Yes. I don't want to sleep by myself. I want you to sleep wif me.
Mom: I'll lay down with you for a minute, but I am going to sleep with Daddy.
Caitlyn: Why?
Mom: When you marry someone, you usually sleep in the same bed with them.
Caitlyn: And you married Daddy?
Mom: Yes.
Caitlyn: Because you wanted to, and you paid him?
Mom: No, usually you don't have to pay someone to marry you. You just both decide you want to get married and you do it.
Caitlyn: But if you marry someone you don't know, then you have to pay them?
Mom: No.. well yes in some cultures... in America you usually just pick someone.
Caitlyn: Do you live in America?
Mom: Yes, we both do.
Caitlyn: So when I get bigger who will I marry?
Mom: Well, you will just know in your heart who you are supposed to marry.
Caitlyn: And we will pay them?
Mom: No... you don't usually pay someone to marry you.
Caitlyn: Oh! I know! I'll marry Elijah!
Mom: Okay. Goodnight. (Kisses daughter and goes to coax baby brother Elijah to sleep as well.)


  1. I laughed sooooo hard reading this! (I needed it today too). Maybe I have had the wrong approach all along. :)

  2. I'm going to start saving my pennies now!!!

  3. No wonder I got DJ-I didn't know I was supposed to PAY for a GOOD husband! Ha ha ha! J/K Love you, honey!!!

  4. You missed your calling as a comedienne. Thanks for giving me such laughs with your commentary Carol.

  5. Priceless...so cute!!!!

  6. Hilarious!
    I was crying I was laughing so hard - "and you paid him?"


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