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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Daze

E in the neighbor's wagon so
my arms wouldn't fall off
Yesterday afternoon Caitlyn walked about a mile to the park with her dad to sled. I wasn't 100% for it, but I acquiesced. You see, I know how these things end up. So when I was halfway through making dinner and my cell phone rang I shouldn't have been surprised. He tells me that I need to come get them or he won't be back until eight with my precious frozen daughter, if they can make it back at all. He insists that I put Elijah into the car, drive up our unshoveled super-steep driveway, and try to pull onto the road in an effort to save them. Of course I did what any grown mother would do when faced with trying to decide which child's life to risk while super angry at her husband's lack of forethought, I called my mommy crying. Thankfully the length of time it took me to bundle up E, clean off my car while wearing my bathrobe (including knocking the snowman off my car), and get the annoying dog in gave me enough time that I wouldn't yell words at my husband that my children shouldn't learn if when I ever reached him. (Also it gave him time to call me and tell me that C had had an accident in her snowsuit.) When I reached the top of my driveway and the street was free of cars I prayed and went for it. There was No. Traction. At. All. Using my mountain savvy I swung the steering wheel from side to side, spinning my tires and praying to catch something that would propel me forward. Thankfully we swerved onto the road and made it to the park. Did he lavish me with thanks and praise? No. He strapped C in and then said "I'm walking to the store." Wisely when I opened the door and told him to get in and not do anything dumb he climbed into the Honda. Anyway, he swears he took pictures of the fun time at the park, but apparently they are invisible to me (as are the ones from after E and I came in today). So here are some fun pics of E and me in the snow with our neighbor Addison. E got cold (won't wear gloves) so we were of course outside for about half the time it took us to get bundled. And yes, our sled is a boogie board.

Addison sledding
E and me in the snow



  1. Funny! I had a visual of your car being propelled from a giant slingshot. Glad everyone made it home safely. Also great to see your family have so much fun in the snow!

  2. You guys look like you were having a lot of fun!


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