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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feliz Navidad - parte una

We thought we had a lot packed for our cross country Christmas campaign until we saw this truck.  ------------------->

They packed everything but the... umm, well, I guess they packed everything.

Anyway, the first leg of our trip was to my hometown of Roxboro, NC. Christmas Eve was spent bringing people to tears with my recreation of my Grandma Edna's fruit cocktail cake and having four perfectly good gifts stolen from me during the white elephant game. (The gift I finally won will be re-wrapped and put back into play next year, as usual.) Since the rest of my fam got in so late we decided to just open our Christmas pjs and go to bed to await Santa. Somehow the next morning I manage to entertain my niece until everyone else drug themselves out of bed. Elijah didn't quite figure out how to eat the orange in his Christmas stocking, but everyone seemed thrilled with their stash otherwise.

After everything was neatly piled to the side we headed over to my Granddaddy Harold's for our yearly brunch. (It used to be a breakfast, and still is for those not in my immediate family.) The gift given to most acclaim was a gift from my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Dennis to Elijah - a light-up car that NEVER STOPS!! A piece of tape strategically placed over the speaker made it a much better toy. No one can agree on the lyrics pumping from the car stereo - any ideas?

See more pics from the morning by clicking here!

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  1. So I noticed that truck had everything PLUS the kitchen sink. lol


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