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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Soup Nazi

Last year in an effort to pare down the giant pile of recipe magazines I had amassed, I ripped out all the recipes I would like to try and then write down to keep. I thought I had done alright until I pulled down an book, causing an avalanche of neatly cut recipes to rain down upon my head. Only slightly abashed, I organized them into categories, resolving to get through them this year. As there were FOUR different Mexican chicken soup recipes in the mix, I decided that tonight would be "Vote for your favorite soup night".

Caitlyn's vote - Soup #1 and Soup #3
Elijah's vote - ate Soup #1 and Soup #3 as suggested by persuasive big sister who influenced his vote ACORN style
Rebecca Ann's vote (texted in as she had to have take-out tonight due to Elijah's flu) - Soup #1 and Soup #3
My vote - Soup #3
Jamie's vote - "WHOA!!! This is CRAZY! Can we do this again? Did you tell your mom? (Grabs camera to make a video and calls his parents. Discusses how much in-laws love my cooking. [Duh, I'm Southern.] Discusses how I should open a restaurant.) I vote that we have them all again! But I guess it's a lot of dishes."

Jamie's soup documentary. Ken Burns you'd better watch your back.

He's a sweetie, but I only kept recipe #3. Better luck next time Mr. Bruckmann.

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  1. WOW. I'm impressed. (Great documentary, Jamie!)


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