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Saturday, January 1, 2011

CaringBridge update on my Dad (via my Mom)

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2010 12:20 AM
At this writing it is the last day of Christmas with family in Roxboro. God has so richly blessed us with wonderful families and it’s always wonderful to spend time here.

As with most people, the past few months have been very busy. Work has taken a huge amount of time for me and I just haven’t been able to make myself write an update in the late evening hours which seem to be the only personal time I have. That’s really pretty bad, because Ed and I know how much you care and support us with your prayers. Honestly, I didn’t realize it had been quite so long…

Bringing you up to date, Ed had chemo following the most recent episode - once per week for three weeks, one week off followed by three more weeks. He then had a scan of the abdominal area that showed progress from the treatments. The lung and chest area remained stable!  Since the chemo appears to be doing its job, the doctor ordered another round of chemo – same regimen. He completed another three weeks and had the week before Christmas off. The next scheduled treatment is this Thursday.

He hasn’t felt very well for the past couple of weeks. Appetite isn’t great, but he keeps “eating to live” as he told me when I asked for suggestions for dinner. Most of the time, food doesn’t taste like it usually does, which makes it harder for him to eat. He has also recently dealt with sinus problems, sore throat and congestion and all that comes with that package. That is better now, but the weakness continues to be an issue.

The clock in my parents den just said, “It’s twelve o’clock. Do you know where your grandchildren are?” I am pretty sure all of ours are sound asleep and with travel into a winter wonderland tomorrow, Ed and I better get some sleep, also.

Thanks again for being there for us and with us as we continue this journey.

Celebrate Life that is a gift from God through His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the gift of Peace.

Ed and Marsha

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2010 9:31 PM
Let me be a few hours premature and say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Ed and I will be celebrating at St. Joseph Hospital in Asheville. (Actually, I’ll likely be sound asleep at home when the New Year arrives.)
As I mentioned in the last post, Ed hasn’t been feeling up to par. For the past week he just hasn’t had energy and stamina to do anything. We returned home Tuesday evening from Christmas with family. Wednesday morning he contacted the doctor’s office and they wanted him to come in. His labs were good except for the unstable blood pressure and dehydration. They gave him fluid in the office and ordered more fluid for Thursday when he was scheduled for chemo. He was waiting in a chair beside the elevator for me to pick him up. When he stood, he hit the floor. No one saw it happen, but a nurse came by right after and wheeled him down to meet me. Thursday he went for his chemo appointment, but the PA determined it would be best to admit him to the hospital and try to get to the bottom of this orthostatic hypertension. He’s been here since late yesterday afternoon. They did a heart ultrasound and a VG scan (to check for blood clots) yesterday. Those showed no abnormalities. Tomorrow morning they will do a stress test and at some point plan to check his thyroid.
The orthostatic hypertension has been going on for a few years and his internal med doctor just acted like it didn’t exist. I think he has someone’s attention now. About a month ago, it happened on a Sunday morning during the invitation as he was directing. He didn’t fall, but he was sinking and I knew he wasn’t quite with us.  I was sitting in the congregation and moved to the end of the pew, ready to make my move! A friend who is in the medical field said he was “ready to sprint!” Standing and walking quickly does not work out well for him. Although the orthostatic hypertension isn’t new, the increased exhaustion and this low energy level is.
Please pray that with God’s guidance the medical team will be able to determine what is causing this and will make the right call to correct it.
Trusting Him,
Ed and Marsha
P.S. Ed says that the hospital food is delicious; better than many restaurants. Bet you haven’t heard that often!

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