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Monday, January 24, 2011

Conviction Part Two

Today we read the "as you judge others, so will you be judged" section in Luke. As soon as I saw the heading I knew I was better off just skipping that one if I didn't want to do some self assessment. That is the sin I fight most strongly against. I am prone to make snap judgments about people's appearances and lifestyles (as if my appearance never left anything to be desired). I constantly have to remind myself to not be judgmental.

Case in point - I rarely if ever look to Oprah for any spiritual merit. Her brand of touchy feeling New Agey all paths lead to the same end spirituality does not appeal to me. However I happened to turn on the tv the other day to see that "octomom" Nadya Suleman was on as well as no nonsense financial guru Suze Orman. I watched the last half of the show, chuckling when Orman asked Suleman if she even knew all her children's names. But Oprah hit me in the gut when she reprimanded all the judgers out there who might just have one or two too many children themselves. A lot of people have another child because they are afraid their first one will be lonely, they want to fit in with everyone else, society expects it, etc. (Read a great account of an intentional one child momma here.) This hit me because I really want to adopt, but when I thought about it we totally don't have our lives together financially or otherwise to do that yet. I've since dropped the idea for now as a result because I hate to say it, but Oprah was right.

Of course now that the octomom is in the news again for a ridiculous baby fetish tape I am really having a hard time not judging. She has got to be either clueless or manipulative. (Sigh - there I go again..)


  1. Thanks for the linky...see, we can all learn something from Oprah every now and then! You've still got plenty of time to adopt, just plan to re-evaluate in a couple of years! Don't put pressure on yourself to close that door now. You're still young! ;-)

  2. I know - I keep telling myself that. Every time I see kids that need adoption or hear about my friends adopting I get antsy though. I don't know why I can't just trust God when He already gave me two fabulous surprise children!

  3. Guilty here... This is something that I really have to be careful about, also. Oh, to see through the eyes of Jesus.


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