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Friday, January 28, 2011

More Caitlyn theology

This photo and the video were taken in November. 
The leaf situation is still no better.
(Mom is outside raking leaves to no avail while 17 month old son Elijah plays in the playhouse. 4 year old Caitlyn shadows her every movement.)

Caitlyn: Let's play, Mommy. You be Jesus.
Mom: Umm, ok.
Caitlyn: (In her best acting voice) Help Help! My son Elijah is sick!
Mom: Oh, is he at your house? (Points toward house and says in her most Jesus-y voice) "Your faith has made you well!"
Caitlyn: It didn't work.
Mom: What? Why?
Caitlyn: It's a spell. A magic spell. You know, like the one on that Shrek movie we saw. Remember Shrek?
Mom: Yes, but don't you think Jesus could break a magic spell?
Caitlyn: No. It's like on Shrek. A magic spell. Remember?
Mom: Ah. So you need true love's kiss. (blows kiss) How about that?
Caitlyn: Okay that worked.

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